better half


better half

better half

Meaning | Synonyms

  • spouse
  • husband of wife
  • other half
  • the larger amount or majority of something

Example Sentences

  1. I think a two-bedroom flat would suit us but I’d better confirm it with my better half.
  2. Hey Brian meet my beautiful better half and Honey he is Brian my best friend.
  3. All my dear friends you are invited to my marriage reception party with your better halves.
  4. You’ve been single since so many years, I suggest you to find you better half and get married now.
  5. Hey Sayda would you like to meet my better half tonight on dinner?
  6. I am a lonely soul there is no better half for me, I have to die alone.
  7. My better half is in navy so he mostly remains on job away from home.
  8. I want to marry you. Would you like to be my better half?
  9. I have seen a lady like her; she loves her better half more than herself.
  10. My better half has seen me chatting with some other girl, now she is so angry.


Originally, this idiomatic expression wasn’t limited to referring to one’s husband or wife as people use it now in English, but to a close friend.

The expression was used by two famous Roman poets Horace and Statius in their poems referring to a friend not spouse that time. Later, people started the phrase referring to their husband and wife with time.

Sir Philip Sidney was the first to put into print the use of this phrase to mean spouse, in The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, 1580:

“My deare, my better halfe (sayd hee) I find I must now leaue thee.”

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Better for a husband or wife to say than for an acquaintance to refer as in: your better half is in the other room. One can laugh at that but don’t question the person. A flip remark “like how do you know he/she is better than I ?”.

‒ Joanne October 27, 2021

It is a phrase for respect to the spouse by accepting him or her as a better half of a complete relationship. In other words one accepts his/her spouse better than oneself.

‒ Riaz Ahmed January 20, 2021

This is my all time favorite idiom. Enjoyed reading it.

‒ Enabell September 25, 2017

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