being in love

being in love

Meaning | Definition

  • to have strong feelings of love for someone
  • to be infatuated with another adult
  • to be romantically and sexually attracted to someone

Example Sentences

  • Being in love doesn’t mean that you forget about all your responsibilities towards your parents, does it?
  • At that time, being in love, I was blinded and foolishly did exactly as he asked me to do.
  • I am done being in love and making stupid choices.
  • Being in love and being married don’t always have to happen simultaneously.
  • How do you claim being in love and missing such an important detail of her personality?
  • How can being in love change you so much? I do not understand it.
  • Being in love, he literally changed everything about himself so that she would accept him.
  • Teenagers these days act very weird being in love. It is amusing to watch from the sides but would be horrible to be in the turmoil.


The phrase is as old as the phenomenon and expression of love. Since time immemorial, love has been a celebrated emotion. From the love shared between a man and a women to the love that parents have for their children and people have for their family and friends, this phrase encompasses them all.

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