other half

other half

Meaning | Synonyms

  • husband, wife, or partner of someone
  • tour partner or spouse
  • can also refer to a very good friend
  • better half
  • the other half of an object, something that will make it whole

Example Sentences

  1. Next time I come to this restaurant I will bring my other half.
  2. My other half loves lobster, even though I can’t stand it.
  3. I cannot enjoy the party without my other half being here.
  4. The old lady who lives in my neighbourhood has lost her other half
  5. I love to go to the nearest park with my other half every evening.
  6. As soon as you hand me the other half of the project we can submit it.
  7. Half of Scotland’s population voted in favour of an independent nation, and the other half voted to remain united with England.


The idea behind the phrase is that once two people are married they become one entity. They were not seen as individuals anymore but simply as part of one couple. This is a quite antiquated notion and is not taken as seriously as it once was. The phrase is often used in a condescending way to denote the fact that people are not perceived as individuals once they are part of a couple. In a sense it means that two people in love “complete” each other.

It can also be related to the idiom “my better half.” Meaning that this person is the superior of the two. It is used in a joking fashion these days.


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