as well as

as well as


  • additionally
  • in addition to
  • in continuation with
  • over and above
  • can be used in the place of the conjunction ‘and’

Example Sentences

  1. The sound as well as picture quality are best on this TV screen.
  2. The soldiers as well as pilots know this code of conduct about the border security very well.
  3. It is imperative that she is aware of the stationing of the guards as well as the other security measures that have been taken at the ground where she is about to perform.
  4. Let us not give up on hope yet. The white tigers as well as the mountain lions are being bred in captivity and hence will not be extinct in this region.
  5. The government as well as the armed forces are of the same opinion regarding this breach of trust at the border. We must retaliate with equal force.
  6. The store has bread as well as Please get both.
  7. You will need to know how to play the guitar as well as the piano to be consider for the band.
  8. The brand ambassador of the car as well as the managing director were present at the launch party.
  9. The music as well as direction was done by the same person for this movie.
  10. “Please bring my Cricket bat as well as gloves, I have to play the match.”


The literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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A 2 Thoughts

2 Thoughts

If the structure is like ” Subject +as well as+ subject…. Then the verb will definitely be according to the first subject
Ex : I as well as my friend am going to market. (am ✔️ is/are ✖️)

- Md. Irbaz July 28, 2020

You are somewhere using plural verb, somewhere singular. Please clear these concepts.

- Pallavi December 9, 2018

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