over and above

over and above


  • in addition to
  • as well as
  • to do more than what is expected

Example Sentences

  1. Firefighters always go over and above to ensure that people are safe.
  2. The teacher goes over and above for her students.
  3. Police officers go over and above what is expected of them in order to keep our streets safe.
  4. We will need another dozen biscuits, over and above what we already have, for the party on Saturday.
  5. He earns another $500 over and above his salary every month by working overtime.
  6. He has promised me $2000 over and above the asking price of the house if I have it painted before I move.


The phrase has been used since the early 1500s. The words ‘over’, and ‘above’ are both prepositions This means that they tell you where something is located in relation to something else. In the case of the idiom it is used more as an adverb, meaning “furthermore or excessive”.

It is used to add emphasis. For example, you might already have two hundred cupcakes but you will need another two dozen “over and above” that. It lends emphasis to the fact that a large quantity is needed.


  • in addition to
  • besides
  • as well as
  • added to
  • on top of
  • extra


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