as well

as well


  • to be in addition to (something)
  • to be in continuation with something
  • it is a replacement, at times, for the conjunction 'and' or the word 'also' (this is not a rule though)

Example Sentences

  1. The car as well as the bike need a mechanic for maintenance to keep it running well.
  2. She is always around at their house, she may as well just declare it home.
  3. I like the chocolates that you brought as well as the ones that my mother gave me.
  4. I may as well quit my job now and start my own business.
  5. She knows just as well that he is not to be disturbed in the afternoon.
  6. I understand that she learns her as well as being an intern.
  7. I can go to the church as well as the temple, it is my right to choose.
  8. This student does not like history, geography and maths as well. How will he score well in the exams then?
  9. No matter how much he emphasized on learning about art as well as science, I always thought that my heart was set on journalism.
  10. I intend to go out this summer as well.
  11. She plans to take a language course this winter as well.


The phrase is a play on words to reflect something in addition.

See also : as well as

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