as and when

as and when idiom meaning, synonym

as and when

Meaning | Synonyms

  • at the time when (used to refer to an uncertain future event)
  • at the time that something happens
  • at the time when something required
  • at the exact time when something will happen


“As and when” is just another adaptation of “if and when”. “If” means it may or may not be needed. “When” means it will be needed. “As and when”, often used in statements of requirement, obligation, condition and necessity etc.

Example Sentences

  1. Most people in this city don’t own a car – they just rent one as and when they need it.
  2. We will inform you as and when your order will be ready.
  3. We will update the information on our website as and when required.
  4. I always explained everything to my boss about the status of project as and when he asked.
  5. I never go to the cinemas, I just watch the movies at home as and when I need.
  6. He always carries with him a pocket diary and note down the thoughts as and when they comes to his mind.
  7. As and when the time comes we will go there to see the results.
  8. My dream is to create a virtual book that can deliver, wrap and record an individual’s learning as and when they need it.
  9. Banks store and obtain the signature of owners as and when required.
  10. They provide best technical support to the customers as and when required.


No origin information available about this phrase.

Though both of the words as and when are quite similar in meaning and synonym, we further explain synonymous of them individually. Hopefully, this will help to understand this idiom better.

“as” Synonyms:
– because, since, seeing that, while, when, as the same time as, the same as, like.

“when” Synonyms:
– at what time, while, whilst, as, what time, after, as soon as, once.

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A 3 Thoughts

3 Thoughts

I know this is an old post, need help with a clarification if possible.

The sentence is..

Provide 3-step protection when cars are connected to a locomotive and when:

(There are 3 bullet points below this sentence)

Do the words “and when:” mean everything posted under that sentence only applies if the cars are connected?

- Jason Ott January 24, 2022

Can we use the idiom with past tense?

- Soma April 17, 2018

I am fed up of finding the exact meaning of this stupid phrase “as and when”. I wonder why people use as with when, when both are almost the same. And thank you for helpful article.

Steve, Polland

- Steve April 15, 2016

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