all hell will let loose


all hell will let loose


  • a situation suddenly becomes noisy and violent, usually with a lot of people arguing or fighting
  • describes and outlines what usually happens when destructive and violent events occur
  • there are high chances that the situation at hand will lead to uproar and confusion among the parties involved
  • could at times act as a threat to inform someone of the repercussions that would follow depending on the situation
  • represents an event that turns out to be uncontrollable and noisy as a result of aggressive fighting or quarrelling
  • uproar and confusion

Example Sentences

  1. All hell will let loose when the caged animals break out of their cages.
  2. Regardless of the calmness in the bar, all hell will let loose if a fight between drunkards begins.
  3. Do not deny the mob their rights, or else all hell will let loose.
  4. In a physical confrontation, the first reaction is what decides whether or not all hell will let loose.
  5. Please don’t take her into the party fold, or all hell will let loose.
  6. This big guy walked up to the bar and hit Freddie, and suddenly all hell broke loose.


The phrase is globally famous from the 17th century when John Milton used it in his epic poem titled Paradise Lost (1667). This poem is about the Christian stories of the fall of Satan and the creation of man. Archangel Gabriel said the expression in the poem as he addressed Satan:

“Wherefore with thee, came not all hell broke loose?”

In this context, the phrase figuratively described a situation where all demons in hell were to be set free to the world to invoke a picture of the havoc that would erupt.

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Finding out he’s being clingy to other people in front of me and then all hell breaks loose.

‒ Anonymous March 12, 2020

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