Devil Idioms

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devil may care

Meaning: very casual attitude.

Example: The opening batsman's devil-may-care approach may ruin his chances of securing a permanent spot in the team. Read more ➺

between the devil and the deep blue sea

Meaning: between two equally difficult or unacceptable choices.

Example: I am in a pickle. Anything I do is going to cause this situation to turn out bad. I'm really stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Read more ➺

all hell will let loose

Meaning: a situation suddenly becomes noisy and violent, usually with a lot of people arguing or fighting

Example: All hell will let loose when the caged animals break out of their cages. Read more ➺

the devil is beating his wife

Meaning: raining whereas the sun is shining.

Example: The sunshower is said to occur when the devil is beating his wife in various German-speaking countries. Read more ➺

the devil is in the detail

Meaning: It means that when you do not concentrate on the details of something you may run into unexpected problems

Example: "Have you seen my beautiful new bag? I paid a fortune for it." "Really? It is a fake. The stitching of the original bags is blue, not green." "How disappointing. I guess the devil is in the details." Read more ➺

idle hands are the devil’s tools

Meaning: if you have nothing to do, you are likely to do some mischief

Example: All the kids should be kept busy while you are away; idle hands are the devil's tools. Read more ➺

speak of the devil

Meaning: when someone comes in unexpectedly while being talked about

Example: We were huddled together in our lunch table, talking about our boss, when he walked in. Well, speak of the devil! Read more ➺

devil’s advocate

Meaning: one who presents a counter argument

Example: I agree with what you say, but I'll play devil's advocate so that we can cover all the possibilities that may arise. Read more ➺

give the devil his due

Meaning: give credit to an opponent's merits, grudgingly or not.

Example: I don't like what the new management has done, but give the devil his due, sales have improved. Read more ➺