bury the hatchet

bury the hatchet
Meaning: make peace; end a quarrel, settle one’s differences to become friends again.
Example 1: The two neighboring countries India and Pakistan have often been advised by the world bodies to bury the hatchet for their own progress.
Example 2: By the fear of Police the gang of college requested to bury the hatchet to the guy who was beaten so badly just for not obeying gang’s order.

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Amanda and Alisha had an argument with something. But after that they burried the hatchet.

- Anonymous November 8, 2020

I made it too easy to “bury the hatchet” as I was told to do only after I had already done so. My health is priority now when forgiveness comes easy it’s taken advantage of and taken for granted.

- Chanice August 19, 2020

Let’s not take this matter any further. Why don’t we bury the hatchet and befriend again?

- Vishal Yadav March 2, 2019

From the founding of the Iroquois Confederacy and burying weapons beneath the tree of peace.

- Tammy R January 11, 2019

After Sierra and Gopal stop talked to each other, they decided to bury the hatchet and become friends again.

- Madison Naruto June 8, 2018

Bury the hatchet with your mad friends!👍🏼

- Sam May 23, 2018

Hey sorry! I was mad, lets bury the hatchet.

- Julie March 2, 2018

After being scolded by principal, shri and aashi decided to bury the hatchet and Become freinds.

- Nehal February 2, 2018

Really nice with apt info. Thank you

- Srinivas Raparla November 10, 2017

My mums’ friends is a woman of letters but highly educated.

- Loisy Owusu-Edusei May 24, 2017

In spite of giving best performance, my client is not happy with me because of past to bury the hatchet and keeping in mind it seriously.

- Ganesh Kumar March 29, 2017

After a few months, Janet and Mary decided to bury the hatchet and become friends again.

- Marianne January 8, 2017

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