cross paths


cross paths
also, cross someone’s path


  • encounter or meet someone by chance.
  • unexpectedly come across somebody.
  • The idiom is used to express a general encounter or meeting with someone, especially when it was not expected.
  • It is used to describe being in the same physical place with someone else by pure chance, maybe in the street, a show, a restaurant, or any other random location, especially when the meeting occurred because of two separate journeys.

Example in Sentences

  1. I believe we will cross paths soon.
  2. Today I crossed paths with Peter.
  3. For your sake, I hope we do not cross paths again.
  4. I am sure I will scream if a chameleon crosses my path.
  5. I did not know his name, so I hoped we might cross paths again soon.
  6. It was lovely meeting you. I hope we cross paths again.
  7. My obsession with aliens has led me to cross paths with some horrible truths.
  8. They would go on to cross paths in the future, but they took different turns.
  9. The sea is dangerous, which raises the chances of crossing paths with pirate ships.
  10. Since that incident five years ago, he has never crossed my path again.
  11. Frank crossed paths with Emily on a few occasions.


The idiom “cross path” has been in use since the early part of the seventeenth century. Originally, people used the expression as a connotation for thwarting or obstructing someone in some way, though this meaning has faded away in the current usage.

Grammar Tip

The phrase “cross path” is also in use, but “cross paths” is grammatically more appropriate.

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