drive crazy

drive crazy
also, drive nuts


  • to disturb or irritate someone
  • to upset someone to the point where they lose focus
  • to annoy someone and cause them to be distracted

Example Sentences

  1. He drives me crazy with the lazy way he executes all his tasks.
  2. Leo’s constant nagging certainly drives me crazy.
  3. The fact that I couldn’t understand what was being said in class drives me crazy.
  4. My inability to excel in any sport actually drives me crazy.
  5. Lucas loves to pay attention to the smallest details. Although a good quality, it sometimes drives me crazy.
  6. I’d rather you drive me crazy with non-stop chatter than keep quiet because you’re mad at me.
  7. Celia drives everyone crazy with her bossy and know it all attitude.
  8. Adam drove his wife crazy with his constant arguments about money.
  9. You are driving me nuts by pulling my leg.
  10. Why you always always drive her nuts by asking for friendship? She don’t like you.


This phrase originated from similar phrases such as “driving me nuts” or “driving me bananas” which mean the same thing as driving someone crazy. The use of the word “drive” goes back to the days of chariots and horses. Driving the chariot meant controlling and guiding it to where you want it to go. So this was then applied to making someone upset and hence the phrase.

Synonyms | Variants

  • drive nuts
  • drive bananas


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