catch up


catch up

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to get to the same level, standard, or status as something or someone
  • to do something you didn’t have time to get done earlier
  • to get an update from someone about a past event
  • to finally find someone after trying for a long period of time
  • to get too neck deep into something
  • to be utterly fascinated by something
  • draw level
  • draw near
  • become equal
  • pull alongside
  • come up to
  • get closer to

Example Sentences

  1. Singapore is trying so hard to catch up with Japan when it comes to technological advancements.
  2. I was so caught up in the beauty of the art work that I failed to notice her.
  3. You and I need to catch up.
  4. The newly added feature by Google+ will be able to tell how caught up you are on the application.


The phrase was first used in the early 14th century to describe raising a building to be on the same level as the high rise ones. Then it was used in the 1400s to describe taking up something suddenly. After that, it was used in 1971 when describing an opponent trying to catch up with the leading team in the game of football. Its use appeared again in 1846 in the sense of being totally in awe of something. Now in present day, it is used in an encompassing manner to mean all these and more.

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