your sins will find you out


your sins will find you out


  • your evil deeds will be exposed.
  • the wrong things you do will be known.
  • your sins will one day be exposed.
  • people will come to know your evil ways.
  • one will be punished for their faults.

Example Sentences

  1. He stole this book two months ago, but I saw it today in his bag; surely your sins will find you out.
  2. As you continue cheating on your parents, know that your sins will eventually find you out.
  3. “Stop lying about the assignment because your sins will find you out,” the teacher told him.
  4. The robbers broke into the shop and stole everything, but they were arrested a few days late. It’s true that your sins will indeed find you out.
  5. “I told you your sins would find you out,” said my mother after catching my brother red-handed sneaking into the house.
  6. The preacher told his congregation to always do the right thing because their sins would find them out.
  7. Your sins will find you out, so you need to stop missing classes.
  8. He usually cheats his customers by selling duplicate material, and now he has completely lost his business. Truly, your sins will find you out.


The expression “your sins will find you out” was first used in the Bible in the book of Numbers 32. Moses was telling the people of Israel what was required of them to possess the land of Canaan. He told them that if they didn’t heed the instructions and sinned against the Lord, their sins would find them out.

Recently, the phrase has been used on different occasions by many people, like Pastor Phil Erickson. Phil Erickson says that he has used the idiom severally in church, at home, and in school to warn people against doing evil since they will be exposed someday.

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No matter what you do, you will be found out even if you sin any way you will be found out you cannot hide what you do behind doors. That’s why they say the sin will find you out nothing can be hidden.

‒ Denise Arnold January 5, 2024

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