you bet


you bet


  • for sure
  • most certainly
  • without any doubt
  • to agree completely
  • to express agreement
  • yes, of course

Example Sentences

  1. The manager will pull this deal off. You bet on something else about him because this is definitely happening.
  2. You bet that you will cross the finish line first. It isn’t happening with me participating in this race.
  3. Am I going to the party? You bet!
  4. Can I get another one of this? You bet!
  5. The people that live in this society are among the kindest that I know of. You bet they will go for a charity drive with you.
  6. You bet that I can get into and out of that house without anyone noticing me.
  7. You bet I will be going abroad next month to participate in social works.


The phrase is a slang which originated in the Native American way of speaking but is now popular throughout the world. It is a new phrase and has been in existence since a few decades only.

The slang came about when ‘betting’ on things to prove themselves was common and the answer to a bet would always be yes. ‘Would you take the bet?’ and ‘yes’ hence became synonyms in this phrase because no young person could say no to a bet and still be able to be a respectable member of the group.

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