• rich and of good social status
  • having plenty of money and possessions
  • in favorable circumstances
  • in fortunate circumstances financially


wealthy; rich; well-off; well-heeled; affluent; prosperous; comfortable; loaded

Example Sentences

  1. In the capital’s well-to-do suburbs, hiring a security guard has become a must for every family.
  2. People living below poverty line protested against the new tax bill that favored the well-to-dos.
  3. Most of well-to-do parents send their wards to London for study.
  4. One friend mine is quite well-to-do and she is kind heart.
  5. They are lucky who born in a well-to-do family.
  6. I was not born in well-to-do family, but I worked really hard to reach this level.
  7. He was a quite well-to-do business man but left everything becomes a Buddhist monk.


Well-to-do often used with quite.




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Well-to-do Synonyms: You have “well-healed.” It’s actually/should be “well-HEELED.” I suggest fixing this.

- Carbuncle April 25, 2019

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