well read


well read


  • Well-educated and learned.
  • A literate person who has studied and read a lot.

Example Sentences

  1. She is well read does not mean that she can go out on the streets and fend for herself. To be street smart is a requirement in what she wants to do.
  2. His business is working great since he is so well read and uses the management techniques that he has been taught in school.
  3. To be well read is a very important thing in the current times.
  4. She is looking for someone who is handsome, charming and well-read to enter her life and scoop her off her feet.
  5. Of course he feels he will do a better job since he has been doing something similar in the past and is well read about the finer details required.

The phrase completely reads ‘exceedingly well read’ which was used by Shakespeare in his work ‘Henry IV’. It is popular ever since and points out to a person with many education qualifications. In general terms this phrase refers to anyone who has been friends with books and is ‘well read’¬†and not just those who have a qualification certificate to go with it.


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