when in Rome, do as the Romans

when in Rome, do as the Romans


  • to copy popular culture in order to blend in
  • respect and follow the custom of the native people while visiting their land to get favour
  • it’s good to follow the local customs for visitor

Example Sentences

  1. My mother always told us that when in Rome, do as the Romans. That is how today we are able to get along with any kind of people.
  2. I have tried when in Rome, do as the Romans but it really does not suit my personality.
  3. You will have to speak with the Asian kids at school because when in Rome, do as the Romans. You are in their land and have to learn to live with it.
  4. Having travelled so many countries, the only advice that this author regularly gives out is that when in Rome, do as the Romans.
  5. I didn’t quite understand when in Rome, do as the Romans at first but when I started copying their cultural beliefs they gave me a lot more respect.
  6. While I would like to stick with when in Rome, do as the Romans; I also know that that I can shape the internal environment of this company according to the company’s goals and mission.


Historically, Rome was among the most powerful places and had several peculiarities to its culture as compared to the rest of the world. While a lot of it was adapted later, at those time, when a people went to Rome, they would copy the traditions in order to blend in.


W 1 Thought

1 Thought

I believe that we should strike a balance between the foreign culture and your culture.

- Gaolatlhe Bogosi April 26, 2018

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