kiss and make up

kiss and make up


  • to become friendly again after an argument
  • to forgive each other and be friends again
  • to settle one’s differences
  • to reconcile and forget past animosity
  • to stop being angry at someone
  • to kiss each other and apologize

Example Sentences

  1. After having a heated argument the previous night, the young couple kissed and made up and decided to settle their differences amicably.
  2. They were a peculiar couple. They were always fighting with each other, but at the end if the day, they would always kiss and make up; only to start all over again the next day.
  3. My friend and her partner have not been speaking to each other for the past five days. I wish they would stop all this and just kiss and make up.
  4. Steve realized his mistake and apologized to his wife for having been so rude to her; and they finally kissed and made up.
  5. They never let their differences come in way of their goals. They did have their arguments, but they always kissed and made up and decided to start afresh.

This phrase originated in the mid 1900s and replaced another phrase “kiss and be friends” which was in use since the 1400s.


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