every man Jack

every man Jack


  • everyone without exceptions.
  • everyone in a certain group.
  • everybody.
  • every person.
  • in every way.

Examples in Sentences

  1. I’d bet every man Jack of them are spies.
  2. Every man Jack of them intended to help.
  3. I want every man Jack of them out of here this evening.
  4. All the employees are seeking a payment increase, every man Jack of them.
  5. I take responsibility for the ship’s safety and the life of all aboard, every man Jack of them.
  6. They offered a difficult opposition, every man Jack of them.
  7. All the volunteers spent time cleaning the area, every man Jack of them.
  8. After the captain provided a free round of grog to the crew members, every man Jack of them drank a cupful.
  9. They’ve all denied our request, every man Jack of them.
  10. You should ride with me, every man Jack of you.
  11. There’s enough work for every man Jack of you. 


Jack is a pet name form of John, which is a forename. At times, Americans used the phrase in informal speech to address a man whose name they did not know. People also used Jack as a generic name for any working-class or ordinary man. The idiom can be traced to a novel that Charles Dickens, the British novelist, published in 1841. The novel’s name is Barnaby Rudge, and the author mainly set it during the Gordon Riots of 1780. Generally, the idiom has largely remained British.

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