treasure trove

treasure trove


  • a priceless or valuable discovery
  • an assortment or store of precious or wonderful stuff
  • anything of immense value to the person who makes the discovery

Example Sentences

  1. After his mother’s death, David found a treasure trove when he found her collection of music records.
  2. Michael’s vast knowledge of history makes me a treasure trove of the department.
  3. While cleaning out her house, Amanda found a treasure trove of childhood pictures.
  4. Sometimes, a casual expedition with friends might just turn up a treasure trove of buried gold.
  5. Finding the ruins of Babylon was the archaeologist’s treasure trove.
  6. It is only fair that explorer’s keep a significant portion of whatever treasure trove that they find.


This phrase is straight out of the history books. During the Anglo-Saxon times in the old England, anyone who found buried treasure either gold, precious stones, etc. where this treasure belongs to no one, the treasure is referred to as a treasure trove and it was handed over to the crown. People found this exploitative and this law was abolished in 1996. But in modern times, the phrase has come to refer to anything that is of value to who finds it and not just money or precious jewels.

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