finishing touch


finishing touch
also, final touch


  • something that is added to ensure that something else is made complete
  • a minor change that completes something else or makes it perfect
  • the last elements finishing a work
  • final touch ups enhancing or ending a work

Example Sentences

  1. Mike was sure he would ace the auditions as he put finishing touches on his performance.
  2. Pamela put the final touches on the bride’s makeup and stepped back to admire his handwork.
  3. As a professional artist, you must put final touches on every work before it can be exhibited.
  4. The poem was almost perfect; all that it needed were some finishing touches to make it so.
  5. Amanda went around adjusting oil paintings and putting finishing touches on some canvasses before her first art exhibition.
  6. Anderson is such a perfectionist. He never ceases to put finishing touches to every food before serving it.


This phrase originates from the ancient tales of the lost city of Babylon. During the ceremonial rights of marriage, the bride is dressed up by her close friends and relatives. However, the final touch on the bride’s outfit is done by the bride’s mother as it is believed that this completed the bride’s regal look. Hence, it is from this practice that the phrase originated from.

Synonyms / Variants

  • final touch

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