high time

it’s high time

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to refer to something that is already overdue but must be started immediately
  • the appropriate or right time to do something
  • without delay or very shortly
  • a long-awaited occasion; a suitable point in time; or past the appropriate time

Example Sentences

  1. After months of being unemployed, it’s high time Paul starts a business of his own rather than keep waiting for paid employment.
  2. Don’t you think it’s high time you studied for your test?
  3. They have been going out for quite some time and Jenny thinks it’s high time they get married.
  4. Given the increase of crime in the nation, it’s high time the president addresses the issue.
  5. I think it’s high time I quit my job and go back to college to get a Masters degree in another discipline.


This phrase originated in the 13th century and it refers to the warmest time in the day. Since people of that era were mostly farmers, this time marked the turning point in the day when you must have either gotten so much work done on the land or you begin doing so immediately. With time, the phrase got to be used to refer to a time when any activity has to be started given that the best time is passed.


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1 Thought

The verb after “high time” must be in past tense.

- Elisha Samuel Gyamfi April 3, 2021

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