spend a fortune


spend a fortune


  • spend a small fortune
  • pay a fortune
  • cost a fortune
  • cost a small fortune

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a great amount of money
  • to spend a lot on something
  • to give a lot of money
  • something extremely expensive
  • anything which has a high price
  • cost an arm and a leg

Example Sentences

  1. Do not spend a fortune on the gifts to make others happy.
  2. It cost a fortune to get my machine fixed.
  3. I would love to invite them all to a club, but it will cost me a fortune to do that.
  4. Everything available on the store costs a fortune. We have to search for another.
  5. A month in Dubai costs a fortune.
  6. I spent a fortune to get an iPhone for my wife.
  7. I would love to buy malt cupcakes, but they cost a small fortune.
  8. These tickets, which would cost a small fortune, are free of cost for our family.
  9. This house had not cost a couple of dollars, it cost a small fortune.
  10. People pay a fortune to own a Ferrari car.
  11. Jenny spends a small fortune to look charming and cool.


This phrase came out from the history of fortune cookies which were invented in early 20th century. These were the cookies which contained a piece of paper inside them. These included prizes, lottery, special messages etc. From here we can relate the phrase easily that spending money equivalent to those big prizes and lottery is to cost a fortune.

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