sixth sense

sixth sense


  • to have an intuition about something
  • to have an additional sense beyond see, hear, smell, taste and touch which warns a person about dangers and speaks about the time to come
  • it shows some form of paranormal or greater than usual sense of feeling about a particular object, person or event

Example Sentences

  1. The man has a great sixth sense and manages his business just on his intuition.
  2. My sixth sense got sharper when I gave birth to my daughter. I think I was the maternal instinct actually.
  3. She has amazing sixth sense and is almost never wrong about such predictions.
  4. I don't believe that anyone could have a sixth sense. It is all made up and intended to misguide innocent people.
  5. Do you know that your sixth sense is created to keep you away from troubles and gets sharper when you need it the most?
  6. She thinks it is her sixth sense that tells her about upcoming incidents.
  7. I have a sixth sense and tend to pay heed to it every time it rings and alarm bell for me.


The origin comes from the 1800's where being able to sense something that is beyond the usual five senses was popular along with ghost stories. There is a movie titled using this phrase too.

S 2 Thoughts

2 Thoughts

I have a intuition that something is about to happen, my whole body is tingling & I can feel a presence around me, it’s like a feeling of being protected

- Rebecca September 7, 2020

Some sixth sense tells me I’ll never be able to master such a damn language, And that annoys me.

- Ferran August 11, 2017

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