skid row

skid row

also, skid road


  • a bad locality which houses flophouses, run down hotels and cheap salons
  • a neighbourhood that is frequented by alcoholics

Example Sentences

  1. The place is neither skid row nor a main street. You will have to look it up on the maps to find it.
  2. I was walking through a skid row and now know why it is not safe. There are dishevelled people everywhere who feel like they would snoop and catch you.
  3. The theatre is in the by-alley of the skid row.
  4. I hate walking through this skid row to get to my friend’s house.
  5. The office was located at a skid row and hence many customers would refrain from going there. As a consultant, my first advice was to find a new premises.
  6. She works at the bar at the skid row and makes quite a bit of money.
  7. They would never invest in a property on the skid row. You are wasting your time.


In the early 1900’s a road in Seattle, United States of America was so-called urban but in actuality totally run down. It was known as the Yesler Way and currently called as the Pioneer Square. It was the key street along which logs were transported to other areas. Hence it was known as the skid row. The slang was later used for any such run down lane.


  • skid road

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