rule out


rule out

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to exclude out something
  • eliminate something which is not suitable
  • something that is nearly impossible to happen
  • preventing something from happening
  • to discard an inappropriate thing
  • decreasing the possibility or to make something impossible
  • to eliminate

Example Sentences

  1. Rule out each and every word from the application which you don’t want the principal to read.
  2. I won’t rule out a winter fashion show.
  3. No one was able to create a medicine that would rule out the viral diseases.
  4. Too much restrictions rule out many of the suits that women can get.
  5. The newly discovered painkiller claimed to rule out the pain of sprained ankle.
  6. No one was able to design a treatment in order to roll out
  7. MRI is done to rule out or treat brain tumor after the diagnosis.
  8. Rule out the wrong meanings from your dictionary.
  9. Another loss would rule out all the happiness.


The exact origin of this very phrase is uncertain. The first known use of the phrase “rule out” was in circa 1658, which was used in the sense of exclusion and elimination. Additionally, it was used in 2010 by Sam Sheringham as:

“Martin Skytel’s late headed goal was rightly ruled for offside”

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Might have come from using a ruler to strike through a word in written text.

‒ Frank D November 28, 2020

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