run for cover


run for cover


  • to seek shelter
  • hurry to a warm dry place
  • usually to get out of bad weather
  • it is also used to describe getting to a safe place when in a war zone
    or any place that is being bombed or attacked
  • to attempt to guard yourself from a bad situation or from being criticized

Example Sentences

  1. We ran for cover as soon as the storm broke.
  2. My dog runs for cover if you shout on it a bit.
  3. Don’t run for cover now go face your wife and tell her the truth about your relations with that woman.
  4. Man, I hate my mother-in-law I am running for cover from her.
  5. Remember if your home is attacked by polar bear get in your car and run for cover because you can’t face them.
  6. Emily Scott runs for cover as she’s pranked by a creepy buffoon.
  7. The visitors ran for cover when the rain started to fall.
  8. Sayda and Michelle ran for cover as soon as they heard the forecast of hurricane in their way.
  9. It’s about to start the rain let run for cover because I hate to be wet in such cold weather.


Though, the origin of the expression is obscure, but phrase gained straight popularity after the release of a western film named “Run for Cover” in 1955 directed by Nicholas Ray, later the phrase was used in title and lyrics of many hit songs.

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