dead in the water

dead in the water

Meaning | Synonyms

  • unable to produce movement
  • not functioning properly
  • unable to cause effective action
  • an effort that has failed to achieve the desired goals
  • something that seems impossible to be successful later on
  • unlikely to occur

Example Sentences

  1. Their company is trying to revive an income that is dead in the water.
  2. My idea to go on a field trip is dead in the water
  3. The entire store is dead in the water, they are soon selling the shop.
  4. The rumor is out now; his protest is dead in the water.
  5. His efforts didn’t work at all; this project is dead in the water.
  6. The movement to bring peace in the city is dead in the water now due to the issue of sectarianism.
  7. Sara told me that the movie was pathetic. The chances to go and watch this movie in the cinema are dead in the water now.


This phrase “dead in the water” is a nautical term, a term concerning navigation, sea, boats, maritime, sailors etc. It came from the history of a motionless sail ship on windless day. This ship appeared to be dead in the water as there was no true observable movements of the ship due to the wind.


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