right as rain

A - R

as right as rain


  • to imply that everything is satisfactory.
  • to be in good health in terms of health.
  • to be in excellent condition.
  • to feel healthy.
  • to be completely well.
  • to be fine and alright.

Examples in Sentences

  1. He was right as rain after a few days in bed after getting injured.
  2. If you get in early on Friday and relax over the weekend, you’ll be right as rain on Monday.
  3. He felt as right as rain after his brain surgery.
    After a long, tiring day, you need a good night’s sleep, and then you will be right as rain the following day.
  4. I saw her the day before; she looked right as rain.
  5. If I had worked on the project on time, everything would have been right as rain.


The exact origin of the phrase and idiom “right as rain” is not clear, just like most common English phrases. However, it is strongly believed that the idiom originated in England. Additionally, the specific time when this idiom was coined is also yet to be discovered. But as far back as the 1870s, this idiom was commonly used.

Some say that rainy weather is a normal fact of life in Britain, where the idiom is believed to have been coined. Despite the idiom being in use as far back as the 1870s, its first recording was in 1894, according to W.L. Phelps.

There are other variant idioms that were being used prior to the idiom “Right as Rain” becoming popular in the 1800s, and they include “right as an adamant,” “right as my leg,” “right as a gun,” and “right as a trivet.”

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