round the clock


round the clock

Meaning | Synonyms

  • continuously or interrupted
  • lasting through the day
  • all day and night
  • all hours of the day
  • usually used as a reference of something being done monotonously and continuously by someone which is seen as tiresome

Example Sentences

  1. The counselor has been working round the clock with patients. His dedication has been acknowledged by the hospital through this award.
  2. The prisoners are monitored round the clock by the officers. There is no way to escape.
  3. A mother works round the clock without any form of appreciation from anyone. But when she sees her baby smiling it is all worth it at the end.
  4. The new restaurant is said to be open round the clock. Let’s go there after work today to check how good it really is.
  5. The nanny has been working round the clock. She totally deserves this break.
  6. Although the work is round the clock, the payment for the same is quite meager.
  7. The bank provides round the clock services to the clients.
  8. His contract includes round the clock monitoring of the software to ensure that there is no malfunction.
  9. The new McDonald Drive-Through store on National Highway will remain open round the clock.


Although speculated to have been originated in the early 1900’s, the literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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