puppy love


puppy love


  • a mild infatuation, or a crush
  • a shallow but intense romantic attachment, usually associated with adolescents
  • temporary infatuation of a teenager
  • romantic love felt by a young person which disappears as they grow older
  • adolescent love that is not expected to last

Example Sentences

  1. Most teenagers are quick to fall in love and expect it to last a lifetime, but of course it is puppy love and they soon fall out of it.
  2. My friend had his first love affair when he was just twelve. It was just puppy love, but at that time, he felt on top of the world.
  3. When Beth fell in love with Joe at a young age, she was sure that she would marry him, but now she realizes that it was just puppy love and has moved on.
  4. I think Pam and Sid are the cutest young couple in town. Although it might be just puppy love, they look wonderful together.
  5. They do make a nice couple, but do you think they would really last together or is it just puppy love?
  6. Jane is crazy about him, but I think it is just puppy love and don’t expect it to last.

The phrase has been since the early 1800s. It refers to the love that a young dog expresses for its owner.

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