Idioms beginning with P

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poles apart

Meaning: completely different and opposite.

Example: In personality and culture, the couple are poles apart. Read more ➺

push the boat out

Meaning: to be extravagant or spend a lot of money on something, particularly for a celebration.

Example: Let us push the boat out and celebrate the win with a fancy dinner tonight. Read more ➺

pass the baton

Meaning: give responsibility for something important to another person.

Example: After a successful decade as CEO, he chose to pass the baton and retire. Read more ➺

piss and vinegar

Meaning: to self-reference someone who is in a bad mood and ready to fight.

Example: During the invasion, the soldiers were full of piss and vinegar, and therefore they went straight into the front lines. Read more ➺

plain as day

Meaning: easy and clear to understand.

Example: If you are unsure about using the equipment, please read the instructions. Its manual is as plain as day. Read more ➺

pound of flesh

Meaning: an unreasonable demand but something that is one's legal right.

Example: If you do not pay the amount of money, I have lent you by the agreed time, I will get a pound of flesh from you in return. Read more ➺

pay as you go

Meaning: a payment system that allows you to pay right before a service you use rather than later.

Example: When it comes to mobile phone contracts, seven out of ten customers opt for pay-as-you-go plans. Read more ➺

put cards on the table

Meaning: be open and honest

Example: When John met up with Jane on their first date, John laid his cards on the table for Jane to know what he wanted. Read more ➺

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