plain as day


plain as day


  • easy and clear to understand.
  • straightforward 
  • easy to see .
  • crystal clear.

Examples in Sentences

  1. If you are unsure about using the equipment, please read the instructions. Its manual is as plain as day.
  2. Many people love Twitter because it makes them write messages as plain as day.
  3. I do not wish to sound mean, but since your grades are low, it is plain as day that you will not get admitted into Yale University.
  4. We bumped into my boyfriend’s former girlfriend at the mall yesterday. It was plain as day that they still loved each other. 
  5. You must understand this credit card bill. The fact that you made many unplanned purchases this month is as plain as day.
  6. I love this app. It summarizes the calories one has consumed every day or week and other information in a manner that’s as plain as day
  7. We’ve always attempted to hide it, but it was as clear as day to everyone that our marriage had issues. People were not surprised when we decided to end it. 
  8. I have not had the opportunity to call everyone, but it is as plain as day that we must cancel the picnic because of today’s thunderstorms.
  9. It’s plain as day that Bob has undergone rhinoplasty. His appearance has significantly improved. 
  10. It’s plain as day that the business is not doing well, and the employees are nervous about getting laid off soon.


The idiom “plain as day” likely came from the words plain as the sun at midday. It is a shortened version of these words and has been used since the late 1800s. “Plain” in the phrase means easy to see. The idiom is an allusion to daylight as opposed to the darkness of the night, when it is not that easy to see things.

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