Idioms beginning with P

point out

Meaning: to identify something within a group

Example: I have to go to the office to point out the person that keeps jamming the printer. Read on

pardon me

Meaning: it is a way of apologising for something that has been said or done

Example: Pardon me for offending you. I didn't realise that you were sensitive to the subject. Read on

playing second fiddle

Meaning: to play a secondary or minor role with regards to someone else

Example: Sheila was determined to be the star of the show and she was not going to play second fiddle to anyone. Read on

paint the town red

Meaning: to celebrate and have a wild time

Example: I can't wait to go out with my best friend and paint the town red! Read on

point blank

Meaning: to fire something at such close range that it cannot be missed

Example: I asked the boy whether he thought that I was pretty, he said "no" point blank, without even trying to spare my feelings. Read on

pain in the neck

Meaning: pain in the ass

Example: Mathematics is generally a real pain in the neck for most of the school and college students. Read on

pass away

Meaning: die

Example: Martha let us know that our grandfather passed away two nights ago. Read on


Meaning: a thrilling book

Example: The book is a page-turner and now I cannot take a break until I complete reading it. Read on

pay the piper

Meaning: to bear the ill-effects of something that was enjoyable at one time

Example: The man controlled every aspect of his wife's life until he was asked to pay the piper. Read on

pass the torch

Meaning: to pass on the responsibility

Example: The director of the company passed the torch after he got too sick to take care of the company matters. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

every nook and cranny

Meaning: to look for something everywhere

Example: The lawyers searched every nook and cranny to find more evidence but alas, there was none. Read on


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