class clown


class clown

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a wiseacre
  • someone who stands out in a class because he makes constant jokes and pokes fun at people
  • a student who is funny and uses his wit to make others laugh

Example Sentences

  1. He is the class clown with the constant talking and making fun of others.
  2. Your father doesn’t always look like it but he was quite a class clown in his days.
  3. A class clown makes fun of people but should be sporting enough to be able to laugh at himself.
  4. It was shocking to see him so serious after the results were out. Otherwise he is such a class clown.
  5. It seems to be the responsibility of the class clown to cheer everyone up after some bad moments. You in particular are very good at it.
  6. Not many people know that he has such a painful past and has been admitted in the hospital so many time from the class clown demeanour that he carries currently.
  7. A class clown is an integral part of the high school composition, just as the nerds, the jocks the cheer leaders and the rest.
  8. Although teachers punish class clowns, they seem to be their favourite students.


The exact origin of the phrase is not known. The word clown is also from the obscure origin. It is believed that the origin is linked to the word “clowne” meaning man of rustic or coarse manners. The word was first used in the 1560s.

It has since become a much-used word that is often used to describe somebody who acts in an inappropriate manner. The word has been used to describe a “professional fool” since the 1600s. It is widely believed that the word has been used since the late 1920s, to describe someone who behaves inappropriately.

It is often used to describe a student who acts in a certain manner in order to entertain his/her classmates. It is seen as innocent and humorous by their peers but it often believed to be inappropriate to authority figures.

It is a colloquial phrase that draws similarities between a person acting in a humorous manner and professional jester. In modern times clowns are typically made to wear elaborate face paint and exaggerated clothing in order to convey a sense of comedy. The face paint is often in stark contrast to the way that the person is acting. They can be doing something funny while tears are drawn on their face. It is often believed that “class clowns” act in a certain manner to hide their true feelings.

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