old habits die hard

old habits die hard

Meaning | Definition

  • difficult to discontinue of an aged habit
  • the phenomenon of doing something just out of habit rather that it being of any use
  • to be habituated to do something

Example Sentences

  1. The colonel still sleeps with a loaded pistol by his side, even though he has retired from the army ten years backs. As they say, old habits die hard.
  2. I am a stern believer of the fact that old habits die hard, which is why I am trying to instil positive behaviour in my children while they are young.
  3. You should be alert about which habits are causing you harm and nip them in the bud because old habits really die hard.
  4. I have been going for a walk in the mornings for the last 10 years now and old habits die hard.
  5. She is stubborn about not taking any painkillers even though she has been through a major surgery. Old habits truly die hard.
  6. My grandmother expects my mother to press her feet every day, old habits die hard. But it is high time other take a chance to help granny out instead of it always just being my mom.


The phrase is a literal meaning one and emphasizes on the fact that a habit becomes more and more ingrained into a person with time, whether good or bad. It is often seen within the elderly that they are not open to making even small changes. This is because of the fact that the habits slowly become a part of their lives.

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2 Thoughts

True saying

- Naresh Mittal January 23, 2019

That isn’t an origin. Was looking for the actual of the phrase.

- Joe October 19, 2018

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