Idioms beginning with O

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Oscar the Grouch

Meaning: used as a cultural reference to describe someone who is habitually irritable or unreasonably negative.

Example: Don't be such an Oscar the Grouch; it's a beautiful day outside. Read more ➺

out of the woods

Meaning: no longer in danger or difficulty.

Example: After months of uncertainty, the company is finally out of the woods and back on track. Read more ➺

out of pocket

Meaning: paying for something with one's own personal money rather than being reimbursed by someone else.

Example: She had to cover the medical bills out of pocket because her insurance didn't cover them. (Personal expense) Read more ➺

out of this world

Meaning: used to describe something that is exceptionally good, impressive, or remarkable.

Example: The food at that restaurant is out of this world. Read more ➺

off the chain

Meaning: extremely good and exciting.

Example: I traveled across the American continent, and it was off the chain. Read more ➺

one on one

Meaning: describing an instance of direct interaction, conflict, or correspondence between two parties.

Example: We had a one-on-one meeting to discuss the details of the project. Read more ➺

on the drawing board

Meaning: in the initial planning or design stage.

Example: The manager raised the second item on his agenda, admitting it was still on the drawing board. Read more ➺

on the money

Meaning: being right about something.

Example: What he predicted was right on the money. Read more ➺

on the line

Meaning: to be at serious risk.

Example: Put your toes on the line and form up! Read more ➺

off grid

Meaning: disconnected from municipal utility systems.

Example: Tony built an off-grid bunker, complete with non-perishable food, a water purification system, and solar panels. Read more ➺