old school


old school (and also old skool)

Meaning | Synonyms

  • old fashioned ideas or approach compared to current trends
  • traditional values and principles
  • conservative beliefs
  • out of date, backward or from a former era

Old skool is the hip-hop music of the 1980s or modern music imitating this style.

Example Sentences

  1. Dress smart when you come round for dinner, my father is a bit old school.
  2. The boss is so old school in his thinking that Mike is looking for another job.
  3. We viewed the house yesterday. It is ideal except for the d├ęcor being a tad old school.
  4. I love that dress, it’s so old school. It’ll be perfect for the 80s night.
  5. My mother is an old school kind of cook. She never buys ready-made food.
  6. Some rappers from 2019 sound proper old skool.
  7. The rapper always gets the fans jumping when he performs old skool.
  8. My granny had been living across the street from the old-school house her entire life.
  9. Users will be able to explore more old-school idioms through our website.
  10. There is a huge increase in old-school games like Ludo on smartphones.
  11. Listening the AM Radio also is a cool old-school touch.
  12. The old school home remedies worked so well for my back pain.


The informal phrase old school dates back to the 19th century and is of English origin. It can be found in print in the 1852 version of the classic novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens. It means that something or someone is behind or out of date with current trends or thinking.

Old skool, on the other hand, refers to hip hop music of the 1980s. Cool being spelt with a ‘k’ = kool. Modern music imitates the old skool sound of the 80s hip hop music scene.

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I recall watching very old boxing footage, may have been a Jack Dempsey fight so around the 1920’s. The commentator said something along these lines.

“He won’t give up easy, he is of the old school”.

Very old terminology that has survived 100+ years

‒ June July 23, 2021

It is made up from “old is Kool” – “old’s Kool” after that it is become “old skool”

‒ Dhanushika Sanjeewanee May 18, 2020

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