in light of

in light of
also in the light of

Meaning | Synonyms

  • because of
  • in view of
  • take something into consideration/account
  • information that affects something
  • knowledge that sheds light on something
  • taking into account
  • bearing in mind
  • keeping in mind
  • mindful of
  • taking note of

Example Sentences

  1. In light of what happened last week, please take care on the escalators.
  2. In light of the recent shortages, there will be a ration in supplies for everyone.
  3. In light of his financial situation, he decided to cancel his holiday plans.
  4. In light of the predicted weather, the school decided to postpone sports day.
  5. The police decided not to press charges in light of his good reputation and work with charitable causes.
  6. Animal Control Board has provided some information about leopards in light of recent sightings within the town.
  7. In light of the Coronavirus, a famous local brand has decided to shut their doors.
  8. Cadbury has changed its advertising in light of the Coronavirus epidemic.
  9. We are building a new house in light of prevailing situation.
  10. In the light of the pandemic, all international flights were canceled.
  11. The students are keeping their fingers crossed in the light of the poor realisation of marks from the teacher.
  12. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom. (Literal meaning example)


There seems to be no origin available for this phrase.

A suggestion of the origin would be that information arrives after the fact to make something clearer or more understood. The knowledge comes after something happens and would shed light on a specific situation giving all involved some clarity. When something dawns on you like that it can be like the sun coming up in your mind or a light bulb moment.


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