for a song
for a song Meaning | Synonyms incredibly inexpensive to get something for a surprisingly low price to buy something for less than it is worth easy on the ... Read on
earworm Meaning a situation when a song that comes to your mind again and again a song that is stuck in your head that you cannot get rid ... Read on
blow your own trumpet
blow your own trumpet or, blow one’s (own) trumpet Meaning to say things that makes your own self or kin look good to exaggerate the good qualities of ... Read on
Van Gogh’s ear for music
Van Gogh’s ear for music Meaning Van Gogh was a painter who cut his ear off and this phrase is a pun intended one referring to being tone ... Read on
face the music
face the music Meaning receive punishment accept unpleasant consequences of your actions be confronted with disagreeable results accept criticism for something that you have done Example Sentences If ... Read on
play by ear
play by ear Meaning: learn music by ear to play by remembering the tune, without printed music to play a musical instrument by remembering the tune and not ... Read on
dance to tune
dance to tune Meaning to do what someone else forces you to do doing what someone else makes you do always do what somebody else tells one do, ... Read on

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head above water
head above water Meaning | Synonyms to succeed to survive in bad financial situations to keep itself out of trouble in any difficult situation manage to live well even in financial ... Read on


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