music to ears


music to ears

Meaning | Synonyms

  • something that is soothing to your ears
  • news that sounds pleasing to someone and becomes a source of happiness
  • anything that is beautiful and pleasant to listen
  • sound or words that brings amusement to us
  • something that we are willing to hear in order to attain happiness

Example Sentences

  1. Our teacher told us that we will get a long summer break and this was just music to my ears.
  2. When John heard that his son and his daughter secured the first position in their final exams, it was music to his ears.
  3. The news of my promotion was music to my ears.
  4. My mother said that we are going to watch a movie tonight, which was music to my ears.
  5. Everything she speaks becomes music to my ears.
  6. When my aunt said that she will make pizza for me at lunchtime, it was music to my ears.
  7. She sings in a beautiful manner, her soft voice is music to my ears.


The exact and authentic origin of this idiom is not available. However, it is easy to deduce that it is related to amusement. It is used when something is amusing to hear. In 1838, James Fenimore Cooper used this phrase in the following manner.

“The earnestness and passion with which the young man uttered his feelings, made music to her ears …”

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