apples to apples


apples to apples

Meaning | Synonyms

  • having a fair comparison between the two things
  • comparing the things which can be compared with each other, not the ones which don’t fit the specific criteria of each other
  • contrasting the similar things
  • finding out the difference between the two similar things
  • items that can be practically compared with each other

Example Sentences

  1. To find out who is stronger is the apples to apples measure their capability to win the first prize in the field of Olympics.
  2. I have no idea who is going to win the fashion show, both the girls dress up so well, it is the apples to apples measure of their styling techniques.
  3. Finding out the speed of the two big cars which are equal in size and possess other similar attributes is the apples to apples


It is to be believed that the phrase “apples to apples” came from a party-based game which was introduced by Hasbro and later on it was published by Mattel. This game is about winning most of the rounds by playing and laying a red apple card that matches the green apple card. From here we can easily conclude that the phrase is about the fair comparison, a red apple can be compared with a green apple only as they are the same fruits. Apples cannot be compared with any other fruit.

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I think the phrase precedes the board game

‒ Bob August 25, 2021

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