blow your own trumpet


blow your own trumpet
or, blow one’s (own) trumpet

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to say things that makes your own self or kin look good
  • to exaggerate the good qualities of your own self
  • to speak highly about own work
  • to show off

Example Sentences

  1. The crew tried to blow their own trumpet but the manager did not buy their story.
  2. I hate people who are always blowing their own trumpet.
  3. You have to be humble in your behaviour and for that, the first thing to do is to stop blowing your own trumpet.
  4. I don’t think blowing your own trumpet will get you this job.
  5. She got into the political party just by blowing her own trumpet. She is not capable of running it.
  6. Do you mind not blowing your own trumpet all the time?


The origin of this phrase could be either of the two stated below:

  • Important men in the medieval times would have a herald share stories of their greatness. The process would start by the blowing of a horn, which has over time converted to a trumpet.
  • The act of blowing a trumpet makes a lot of noise and draws attention to one’s self. That is where it could have originated from.

The time period of origin is debated too.

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