make all the difference


make all the difference


  • influence someone or something in a positive way
  • impact a situation in a better way that has short and long term effect
  • when you effect a good change into a program or an event
  • have a very good effect on a thing or a situation

Example Sentences

  1. It will make all the difference when a mother phone calls their daughter before they head out for an interview.
  2. When I saw my friends at my graduation party, it made all the difference.
  3. When you donate towards the Feed a Child charity organization, it will make all the difference.
  4. It makes all the difference in a world filled with negativity when you make someone smile and feel loved. 
  5. It will make all the difference when the employer in the shoe company starts treating his employees better.
  6. The new evidence brought forth by the detectives made all the difference.
  7. Working with a nice bunch of people can make all the difference to your job.


Dating back to the 1500s, this idiom has been used in the Bible in the Book of Leviticus chapter 11 verse 47. It was used to depict things that clean and holy from those that were dirty and unclean. Here, the writer brought a difference that exists when an unclean thing is introduced to a clean and holy thing.

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