have never had it so good

have never had it so good


  • It literally means what it says, that is, a person has not had better of whatever it is that is being discussed before.
  • It could refer to food, relationships, utilities, anything.

Example Sentences

  1. You should not have broken up with her. You have never had it so good with anyone else.
  2. Let’s face it, they cannot afford to go to a place like that and have never had it so good.
  3. I have had better achievements in life, don’t know why everyone keeps saying I have never had it so good.

In his speech in Bedford, United Kingdom, Harold Macmillan quoted this phrase in 1957. The Second World War was over and Briton was at an economic boom period. This phrase was used when talking about how people should show restraint in wages and inflation which could again affect the economy. The slogan was coined by the a US newspaper ‘The Sunday Morning Star’ in 1945 and later made popular by the democratic party of the United States which used it as a slogan in 1952. It is most popularly associated with Macmillan and his speech now instead of where it originated from.

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