leave at the altar


leave at the altar


  • decide not to marry someone at the very last moment
  • decide not to marry someone just before the wedding

Example Sentences

  1. Judy was devastated when her fiance did not turn up for their wedding and left her at the altar.
  2. A few days before his wedding date, James started feeling extremely nervous and finally decided to leave his girlfriend at the altar.
  3. Your wedding is just a week away, don’t you get cold feet now. You don’t want to leave your partner at the altar, do you?
  4. You realize now, so close to your wedding date, that you still have feelings for your ex? What are going to do about Ron now? Will you leave him at the altar?
  5. After having being left at the altar for the second time, he decided never to think about marriage again.
  6. Sue had been very excited about her best friend’s wedding, but it turned out to be disaster when the groom left her friend at the altar.
  7. Think about whether you are ready for marriage yet. You should not say yes to him now and later leave him at the altar because you were not sure.

The origin of the phrase is not known.

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