lighten up

lighten up

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to take it easy
  • to relax
  • used to express to be not serious
  • change of a mood in a positive manner
  • to lower down the intensity of unhappiness
  • to become light-hearted
  • trying to come out of the state of depression
  • to become amusing and cheerful
  • to cool it
  • to loosen up

Example Sentences

  1. Just lighten up! Everything will be fine.
  2. Lighten up! I was kidding and stop worrying about what I said yesterday.
  3. You need to lighten up your mood a bit otherwise Jim will think that you’re jealous of his success.
  4. Taylor was trying to lighten up her speech by using ironic quotes.
  5. To improve our health and to get rid of all the depression, we must learn to lighten up daily.
  6. It’s time to lighten up because our hard work paid off.
  7. I want to lighten up you by telling the good news that you have cleared the exam.


‘Lighten up’ is an ancient English idiom and there are many beliefs regarding its origination.  Its origin can be based on a legend that says that when people die their heart is weighed to check whether they have performed good or bad deeds, if it is heavy they will straight away go to hell and if it is light, they will enter heaven.

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