crack up


crack up,
also, crack someone up

Meaning | Synonyms

  • go through an emotional breakdown
  • to burst into laughter or to laugh non-stop
  • suffer an emotional breakdown under pressure
  • start behaving in an abnormal manner
  • have somebody in hysterics
  • to admire someone or something very much, especially wrongly, often used in the passive – (see example 9, 10)
  • crack someone up means make someone laugh loudly
  • suffering from a mental collapse
  • lose control
  • go to pieces

Example Sentences

  1. My favorite thing was to whisper something hilarious in class to the kid next to me and crack him up, so he got in trouble.
  2. Jim’s wicked sense of humour would crack her up.
  3. The entire group cracked up at the joke of their teacher.
  4. I tried my best to control my emotions – but finally, I cracked up.
  5. I cracked up when the doctor observed a minute of silence.
  6. I was in a crack-up when I shouted in front of everyone.
  7. I was supposed to appear serious in front of the audience, but it was hard to control that I cracked up many times during the debate.
  8. He cracks me up whenever he tries to mimic me.
  9. I don’t believe he’s as good as people crack him up to be, or he doesn’t believe in his own self.
  10. His family cracked him up to be an intelligent student, but I think it’s not true.


The idiom ‘crack up’ is derived from the word ‘crack‘, which means to break down.

It is believed that ‘to crack someone up’ is an American idiom and came from the 1600s. At that time, Women used to apply a thick layer of makeup on their faces, so whenever they laughed, it would crack up and appear flaky. In the 1800s, the phrase was used as”

“it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

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