Idioms beginning with K

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kill time

Meaning: pass time aimlessly or without purpose.

Example: Waiting for the bus, she decided to kill time by reading a book. Read more ➺

keep your eyes peeled

Meaning: to be on alert and aware of something.

Example: I regularly keep my eyes peeled to identify any new opportunities that come my way at the company. Read more ➺

keep your pants on

Meaning: to tell someone to be calm.

Example: I told him to keep his pants on after being punked. Read more ➺

keep one’s own counsel

Meaning: say little or nothing about one's opinions or intentions.

Example: I doubted what he said, but I kept my own counsel. Read more ➺

buckle down

Meaning: make sure something stays in place

Example: She knew if she didn't buckle down, the tasks wouldn't get done. Read more ➺

keep card close to chest

Meaning: be secretive or cautious, give nothing away

Example: The children did not know where they were to go for their family holiday trip. Their dad kept his cards close to his chest. Read more ➺

know on which side bread is buttered

Meaning: know what is to one's advantage

Example: She's far too clever to irritate her employer as she knows which side her bread is buttered on. Read more ➺

king of the hill

Meaning: be the undisputed champion

Example: He made £3 million before he was 30, so he is the king of the hill in this industry. Read more ➺

knotty problem

Meaning: difficult or complex problem

Example: The accountant always found the end of the tax year to be a knotty problem. Read more ➺

keep promise

Meaning: be faithful to your word

Example: How on earth can I marry him when he can't keep his promises? Read more ➺